#OurTurnNow Youth Campaign launches

Published in the LGBT Weekly.

Today MEUSA joined youth leaders from several national organizations including COLAGE, One Million Kids, the Outspoken Generation, Gay-Straight Alliance Network and Rainbow Letters in support of #OurTurnNow. MEUSA is participating in the online effort calling on youth to unite their voices in support of nationwide marriage equality through April 28, the date of the U.S. Supreme Court’s hearing on the 6th Circuit marriage cases.

“We are proud to be a partner in the #OurTurnNow campaign, stated MEUSA Executive Director Brian Silva in an email. “Youth voices were instrumental in the overturning of DOMA as well as Prop. 8, and this campaign provides the current generation of youth the opportunity to raise their collective voices once more in public support of marriage equality.”

#OurTurnNow gives young people aged 12-18 a platform to showcase their support of marriage equality in the United States. The campaign encourages youth to creatively express their pro-marriage stance through their own social channels. Group selfies with friends that are pro-marriage equality, pictures of their same-sex headed families, or messages of love are just a few ways the campaign encourages youth to get involved ahead of the U.S. Supreme Court marriage hearing.

“Everyone deserves a happily ever after,” said Abigail Hasting-Tharp, one of the youth leaders responsible for the campaign concept. The #OurTurnNow campaign aims to use social media to unite youth allies and inform the adults of the country that ‘we think differently.’ Love should be celebrated, not shunned.”

The collection of #OurTurnNow social media posts and more information on the lead organizations can be viewed on the campaign Web site