LAUNCHED: One Million Kids For Equality

Published on Joe.My.God.

Via the Huffington Post:

The One Million Kids campaign launched Jan. 22 with the release of a new website, a Facebook page and a Twitter handle. Additional components will emerge over the coming weeks in an effort to give “kids, parents and allies a voice around LGBT equality,” according to founder Brad Delaney. The choice to name the campaign One Million Kids was “absolutely” an intentional one, especially in the wake of the One Million Dads news, Delaney said. “We hope that by adapting a similar name, we will be able to turn the conversation from one of hate to one of love and acceptance,” he said. He went on to note, “We foresee a day when a gay parent can put a picture of their family or partner on their desk at work without fear of being fired and the day when kids aren’t bullied by their peers for either being LGBT, being perceived as LBGT or having LGBT parents.”

Their website is here. (Tipped by JMG reader Mike)