One Million Kids for Equality Announces Curtis Galloway as New Executive Director

LGBTQ Youth Equality Nonprofit names former youth board member to be the face of organization.

June 14, 2018 (Seattle, WA) — On January 29, 2018, One Million Kids for Equality (OMK) announced the appointment of Curtis Galloway as its next Executive Director, and has now fully transitioned into the role. Curtis joined the OMK Executive Leadership Board in August of 2015, after working in coalition with the organization to ban conversion therapy in Illinois.

“Since the formation of our organization, Curtis has been instrumental in the development of our mission and ideology. His proven track record for youth advocacy, in alignment with his diligent work ethic, makes his move to Executive Director the natural evolution for our organization.” Brad Delaney, President, OMK.

“Curtis is a living witness to the trails and daily struggle for basic survivor of today’s LGBTQ youth. With him spearheading our organization, we hope that these young people find a leader to reach out to and speak for them.” Sahel Chen, South Central Regional Director, OMK.

As an existing board member, Curtis recognizes One Million Kids’ mission and how to effectively communicate and execute that mission with the organization’s stakeholders. As a vocal survivor of conversion therapy who testified to the Illinois legislature about his experience, Curtis intrinsically understands the power of the personal story to improve the lives of youth.

“Conversion therapy was a turning point in my life. Not only did it affect every aspect of my life at the time, but the trauma I experienced while in it has fueled my passion for LGBTQ activism. I always say that I am thankful that I went through conversion therapy and not someone else in my place because I was strong enough to become a survivor. Others may not have been as fortunate. The fight against conversion therapy is one of the many reasons I am proud to be taking on this role as the first Executive Director of One Million Kids for Equality. I have experienced the struggle of being a queer youth; and, I realize that there are so many issues faced by other queer youth. I will continue to fight for equality and love, not just to stop conversion therapy, but for our Youth of Color, our trans youth, and all other queer youth who need a voice and an organization they can turn to.” Curtis Galloway, December 13, 2017.

Curtis earned leadership experience in his role as co-president of the Monmouth College LGBTQ student organization, key testifier against conversion therapy in the Illinois Government, and as Marketing manager of the Chatillon-DeMenil House Foundation. Curtis has dedicated his life to serving the LGBTQ community and allies in not only his home State of Illinois and Missouri but Nationwide. A more detailed biography can be found on the OMK website at

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