New online publication ProudYouth: For, by, and about youth

Published in the Windy City Times.

Seattle, WA, September 30, 2015 — launched this morning offering LGBTQ and allied youth contributors an early introduction to journalism and an opportunity to elevate their voices around the issues that matter most in their lives.

The publication will offer youth an opportunity to cover everything from advice columns to Op-eds and anything in between — including but not limited to current events, sports, politics, art, music, movie and event reviews, exclusive stories, personal stories, as well as artistic pieces such as poetry.

Historically, youth contributors have been few and far between in mainstream media — often being written or spoken to instead of being allowed to write or speak for themselves. This new publication aims to change that by empowering youth with all of the tools they need to share their authentic voices.

Participating youth will have access to experienced and accomplished journalists and editors to work with them on grammar, punctuation, and pulling their message together to make sure it reads as intended. As long as the story falls within ProudYouth editorial guidelines, it will run — even if it presents a less than rosy picture – no story will be altered or slanted in any way.

“I am very happy to finally have my voice elevated, and to have an outlet like ProudYouth where I can share my views, as well as discuss other young people’s views.” Curtis Galloway, a ProudYouth Contributor and One Million Kids Board member

ProudYouth is seeking additional youth and allied contributors. If you would like to write for ProudYouth, or know someone who may be interested, please email for more details.

ProudYouth is a platform where LGBTQ youth, children of LGBT parents, and allies can use their voice to speak about important issues in their lives,” said Managing Editor, Theresa Volpe. “ProudYouth is unlike any publication on the media circuit today. Its approach empowers youth to express their views and, at the same time, learn important skills. The publication places tools into the hands of the people who will shape our world to come, our youth.”

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