I’ve Been Bullied

I've Been BulliedHave you been bullied at school? Most of us have been there… We’ve been taunted with derogatory words like faggot, freak, queer, and homo, and others have been physically assaulted by their peers at school. Whether you actually identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Trans, or you’re just being targeted because others perceive you as such – we believe that students like you should be able to study without the fear of being bullied by their peers. We foresee a day when all states legally recognize that bullying of any form is not acceptable in our schools.

We believe that personal stories have the ability to change hearts, minds, and even advance legislation. When youth like you share your stories, you become the most powerful advocate for your cause. Through our I’ve Been Bullied initiative, we hope to build a treasure chest of stories from kids who have been bullied at school with the goal of empowering kids like you with a platform to share your story with the people who matter the most – legislators and voters.

While you are sharing your stories (and studying hard), we will be working with legislators, agencies, and other organizations to build strategies and coalitions for the advancement of legislation and policies to combat bullying in states where students like you are not currently protected. When we begin working on legislation in your state, we will reach out to you again with opportunities to share your story in legislatures and in the media.

This initiative begins TODAY with YOU! Use the link below to share your story. Rest assured that we are fully committed to your privacy – the story form gives you the chance to leave as little or as much personal information as you feel comfortable, and we will never share your story without your permission.