Letter to Achille Public School District

(In response to details around this story)

Dear Achille Public School District,

On behalf of One Million Kids for Equality, I would express our dismay and outrage at your inaction and ignorance around the recent events regarding your student Maggie Rose. Not only have you allowed the endangerment of a youth, but your lack of public announcement about the issue has given pass to the vile and violence-inciting comments made by parents within your school district.

Your website has a no-tolerance bullying policy posted that states, “The policy of this school district is that harassment of students by other students, personnel, or the public will not be tolerated.” Despite having a policy in place against harassment by the public, your inaction speaks volumes on how noncommitted you are to these values. Indeed your policy also provides definitions of harassment, bullying, and intimidation as, “Any gesture, written or verbal expression, or physical act that a reasonable person should know will harm another student, damage another student’s property, or insult or demean any student or group of students in such a way as to disrupt or interfere with the school’s educational mission or the education of any student.” Your schools were shut down due to the violent comments made online, which directly violates this policy, yet you have made no effort to publicly correct the issue or inform the public of your plans.

As a public service and educational institution, it is your duty to ensure the wellbeing of your students and to condemn any unacceptable behavior within the school and from outside forces. So far, you have failed to do so. In fact, your student will be relocating because of public comments and the fear inflicted upon them. Although it is too late to correct the issue for those involved, it is not too late to publicly condemn the comments made and to uphold your dedication to no tolerance against bullying and harassment. We at One Million Kids for Equality urge you to do so and want to inform you that your next actions will have an impact on other students who come through the Achille school system.
If you would like to discuss how to address a public announcement of this nature, please feel free to contact me.


Curtis D. Galloway
Executive Director
One Million Kids for Equality