I am Tim, the Father of DW

My name is Tim Trantham. I am the single parent to DW Trantham, a 13-year-old male to female transgender activist. This is my story of change for the visitors of One Million Kids for Equality. First off, I will tell you that DW was born a girl. She did not at any time like boy […]

I am DW and This is My Story

My name is DW Trantham. In my thirteen years of life, I’ve faced far more adversity than your average teenager because I am transgender. My story began in Las Vegas where I was born as a “male”. The first three years of my life I spent perfectly happy to play with the vacuum and cuddle with my favorite rainbow blanket my daddy bought me.

Dear LGBT Community | Every Story Matters

Like Heather Barwick, I too am your daughter. I too am the child of two dads and I was raised in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Like Heather, I understand the complications of being the child of two same-sex parents during those decades, and as a result, I too, am hurting.

My Name is Jeff, and I’ve Been Bullied

Growing up in the South, the fact that I would rather hang in the kitchen with my mom and aunts instead of playing ball in the yard with my dad and uncles made it clear from an early age that I was not the boy my dad expected me to be…