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One Million Kids For Equality works to engage, educate, and empower LGBTQ youth and the children of LGBTQ parents to speak out about the issues that affect their daily lives. We work with a diverse group of partner organizations, youth and their allies around the world to share their stories and create change in legislatures, courts, and most importantly hearts and minds. To learn more about One Million Kids For Equality, visit About Us.

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One Million Kids For Equality Joins National Youth Organizations For #OURTURNNOW Social Media Campaign To Support Marriage Equality

“We are proud to be a partner in the #OurTurnNow campaign,” said One Million Kids President Brad Delaney. “Youth voices are some of the most powerful across all avenues of advocacy. They were instrumental in the overturning of DOMA as well as Prop 8, they were instrumental in passing marriage at the ballot box in four states in 2012, and this campaign allows this generation of youth to raise their collective voices once more in public support of marriage equality.”

One Million Kids For Equality Applauds New Idaho Anti-bullying Legislation

“I’m very excited that this bill has become a law to protect not just LGBTQ kids, but all kids. It is important that all kids are made to feel safe in Idaho and across the nation. I’m also very enthusiastic about having been invited to be present as the Governor signs this bill into existence.” […]

Voices of Children Amicus Brief Filed On Four Landmark Marriage Equality Cases

“You don’t think that a simple piece of paper designating your parents as ‘married’ can have a tangible difference on the bond you have with them — but it does. I watched decades of marginalization of my family fall away…”